1 de abril de 2016

Contrapieza al 11611.

How do I explain him to anyone?
Do I tell them about
how his name brought ease to my heart?
Or how his smile was pure light?

That would never
be enough.

He saved my life.
Not forever, not for good—
probably just temporarily.
But he did save my life,
and therefore the me that is me
right now
is to a degree


They say new beginnings
are often disguised as painful endings.

I guess it is true,
for my heart is still
beating and pumping this blood
through my scarred snowy wrists.

I saved my life
and regained myself from your
neglecting hands
and let you walk away
without such a burden.

I saved my life.

I guess they are true—
those words they say about
painful endings
and new beginnings.